Fall Winter 2022

Fall Winter 2022

INHERENT's Fall Winter 2022 Collection. Debuted at New York Fashion Week Sept 10th at Sony Hall. This collection was designed by INHERENT CEO Taylor Draper. Here is his words on the inspiration behind this collection:

" The inspiration behind this collection is bringing the desire, and longing to be surrounded by inspiration, to a place of love. It’s about reaching through boundaries created by geographic location, and promoting authentic self expression. This collection is an amalgamation of Italian, NY, LA, & English menswear in a minimal, elegant color palette. It doesn’t matter where inspiration comes from, or how far away, as long as it is a desire and reflection of one’s authentic self."

-Taylor Draper 

This collection is a good mix of excellent tailoring and relaxed casual wear. With our more casual pieces we added some classic and elevated details to each piece. The tailoring features fabrics from Italy, England, and Australia. Flannel, crepe, modal cotton are all featured textiles. Knit wear is also featured in this collection made in Brooklyn. 

This is a historic collection for the INHERENT brand as it is the first collection in company history debuted and featured in NY Fashion Week. This is a collection that will enhance and compliment your wardrobe, and will forever have historic meaning. 


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