INHERENT: The Journey of Elegance and Empowerment

Welcome to the heart of INHERENT, where every garment weaves a story of personal growth, authenticity, and the pursuit of excellence. Founded by Taylor Draper, INHERENT emerged from a profound belief in the transformative power of clothing—not just as a statement of style, but as a medium for expressing one's true identity and fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the community. Join us as we unfold the story of how INHERENT became more than a brand—it became a movement dedicated to redefining menswear with purpose and passion.

Our Story

The Genesis
In 2017, amidst a personal crisis, Taylor Draper discovered the significant impact clothing could have on confidence and self-expression. This realization sparked the idea for INHERENT, conceived in 2018 as a vision to empower men through fashion that truly reflects their personal journey and values. Officially launched in 2020, INHERENT stands as a testament to the idea that fashion should go beyond aesthetics to support men's mental wellness and foster genuine connections.

Inspiration and Evolution

Drawing inspiration from the golden age of menswear and the authenticity of contemporary design, INHERENT blends classic sophistication with modern sensibilities. Our designs are more than clothes; they are companions in the journey of self-discovery and expression. As INHERENT evolved, so did our mission, deepening our focus on emotional empowerment and community strength through initiatives like the Inherent Gentlemen's Society.

Challenges and Triumphs

Navigating through financial challenges and personal trials, INHERENT's journey has been one of resilience and learning. These experiences have only deepened our resolve to make a positive impact, reminding us that INHERENT is not defined by external successes but by the lives we touch and the community we build.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, INHERENT is poised to grow beyond a brand into a global community that champions the ideals of authenticity, mental wellness, and intentional living. Our aspirations include expanding our non-profit efforts, innovating within the fashion industry, and continuing to provide men with garments that not only enhance their external appearance but also enrich their inner lives.

Embrace Your Journey with INHERENT

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Your story is unique, and your suit should be too. At INHERENT, we craft more than just garments—we craft experiences tailored to reflect your personal journey and aspirations. Begin your journey towards self-expression and empowerment with custom menswear that tells your story.

Whether you're seeking to redefine your style, make a statement at your next big event, or simply explore the transformative power of a suit perfectly tailored to you, INHERENT is here to guide you.