There is much more to men’s grooming that choosing a beard oil. Grooming begins with a mindset, a pride in yourself and a security in knowing your authentic self. Self confidence and self esteem are within… the grooming is an outward demonstration of how you feel about yourself.

The finishing touches if you like. Finding your authentic self is a journey we take with you and being honest with yourself about how you present yourself to the world is intrinsic.

What To Expect?

The classic barbershop is about more than grooming services; it is a place where men can take the time to pamper themselves in a modern, upscale and unpretentious environment, so they leave feeling confident.

1. Book Your Appointment

At the Inherent Clothier grooming center, we want to deliver consistent and exceptional service - an escape from your busy life. We feel that our barbershop is a space you can call your own. Escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sit back, and enjoy the comforts that only an old-school barbershop that boasts a modern twist can provide.

2. Design Your Garment

Rest assured, our skilled stylists and barbers are trained in classic and current techniques to give you a look you are envisioning.

3. Receive Your Garment

In addition to grooming services, we have a premium chair massage where you can truly let the stressors of the day float away as your body experiences a full body massage in utmost comfort.

4. Feel Confident In Yourself

Our goal is to deliver 100 percent satisfaction and become not only your valued clothier but also your go-to grooming destination.