The Inherent Genlteman's Fit Guide

In this guide you will learn tips and tricks that are paramount for dressing well depending on your body type. Feel free to reach out to one of our expert clothiers if you need style help, or would like an online fitting.

Free Virtual Tailor Experience

This is a 60 minute call experience specifically designed for us to help you understand your body type, exact measurements and what types of clothes to wear so you can always look your best


What to expect?

How Inherent's online appointments work
1. Book Your Appointment
When you book an appointment with us, our goal is to establish a relationship with you. We are your personal stylist, clothier, and confidant.  We get to know who you really are, what you're looking for, and what your lifestyle looks like.
2. Design Your Garment
During our video appointment we will help get your measurements accurately, and design your custom garment with you. We can do all of this digitally, so don't worry! We have thousands of options we can show you on our appointment, and most importantly offer you guidance and share our knowledge to best inform your decisions. 
3. Receive Your Garment
The moment you've been waiting for! Your custom piece has arrived. At this point we request to get back on a zoom call with you to review the fit. If there are any alterations needed we offer a $150 alterations credit for your first suit. Once we have established your fit in our system, you will not need to be re-meaured, and can order our clothing based on your profile at any time!
4. Feel Confident in Yourself
The purpose of Inherent Clothier is to help you feel good about yourself. Our clothing brings out the inherent confidence all of us have. We encourage you to stay in touch with us and follow us along as we change the conversation around men's mental health with our Inherent Foundation. 

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