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Inherent Clothier is Centennial’s most inspiring men’s tailor, specializing in the finest bespoke and made-to-measure suits that Centennial, CO, has to offer. Inherent Clothier is a bespoke tailor that is quintessentially stylish, from the cleanest cuts and clean lines to savvy detailing and innovative touches.

At Inherent Clothier, we focus on making the best garments possible using only premium cloths from the finest mills around the World. The gentlemen of Centennial, CO, are also treated to a fine selection of suits, shirts, casual wear, shoes, and formal accessories.

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and personalized shopping experience makes Inherent Clothier the best and only option.

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Men’s Clothing in Centennial, CO

Here’s a quick guide to men’s dress codes for all occasions.

Custom Suits

For many years the suit was sidelined as a formal garment for formal occasions only. However, times have changed. Now you can wear a suit without a dress shirt or tie. You can even pull off a very stylish and sophisticated look with any shoe, even sneakers.

You can rely on Inherent Clothier to make you a suit that makes a statement.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are one of the most thoughtful pieces of clothing a gentleman can own. They are more casual than dress shirts and classier than t-shirts, making them versatile as they can be both dressed-up and refined or breezy and casual.

You’re pretty smart. So, get a polo.

Our long sleeve Italian knit polos are some of the best men’s polo shirts you can spend your money on, featuring Italian milled fabric, mother of pearl buttons, and hand-sewn buttonholes. Our classic yet modern menswear staple comes in three colors: navy, charcoal, and honeycomb.

There’s plenty of time during the summer and spring to wear them on repeat.

Dress Shirts

Nothing beats a solid white dress shirt in terms of versatility. It is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. The problem with a white dress shirt is that it is too good, making it barely unique since everybody has one.

Power up your wardrobe for change by ordering Inherent Cream’s Signature Shirt as an alternative to your white dress shirts. A cream color shirt is just as versatile as white, with the additional benefit of being much less common. You’ll appear as though you spent a fair amount of time picking out your outfit.

Tux Shirts

If you’ve got a black-tie occasion looming on the horizon, channel your inner 007 by dressing in a tuxedo shirt that draws inspiration from James Bond himself. Our Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt is a toned-down version of Bond’s ruffled tux shirt from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. We eliminated the ruffles, replacing them with pintuck pleats that go well against the shirt’s black buttons.

To complete the superspy’s strongest evening outfit, pair our tux shirt with The Gable Tuxedo, and you’ll be doing the next black-tie event in Centennial, CO, a favor by just showing up.


When you open your closet, you ideally need to ensure that you have what you need every time. That’s where chinos come in. You can wear Chinos pretty much everywhere and not look out of place. Soldiers even once wore them to war.

The Murphy chinos consist of the softest brushed cotton in the market. Why brushed cotton? It is soft to the skin, and it retains heat while also remaining beautiful. We made our chinos to last a lifetime, featuring copper-toned rivets and stunning bone buttons sourced from Spain. Our beautiful Murphy Chinos are available in four colors: Navy, Chocolate, Camel, and Olive.

Sports Coat

If you could have only one sport coat in your wardrobe, it should be the Gael Sports Coat.

We designed our brown with blue windowpane sports coat to catch attention and inspire confidence thanks to its bold and classic. The windowpane does an excellent job of beefing up the leaner guy and making the bigger guy appear slimmer, ensuring everybody remains confident and comfortable.

Tweed is fantastic in cold weather. However, in the sunshine, you’ll need something that won’t cook you. That means a lightweight fabric like linen or cotton. If you want to make a statement, you will not go wrong with the Bonny Blue Linen Sports Coat. Our high-quality Irish linen sports coat is unique because Mad Men’s Don Draper inspired it. Even more unreal is that the costume designer responsible for Mad Men designed the Bonny Blue Linen Sports Coat, too.

Men’s Clothing Accessories

Combine your suit with a selection of shirts, shoes, and accessories to personalize the look even further.


Belt or no belt?

Whether or not you should put on a belt with bespoke tailoring is a spicy topic of debate in men’s fashion circles. However, there’s a simple answer to this question. If your pants have belt loops, you’ve got to use a belt, no exceptions.

It is a well-known fact that your belt leather color should always match your shoe leather color, so you only ever need two belts, or do you?

Our Perry Black Leather Belt is a gorgeous black belt with an eye-catching brown leather detail near the gunmetal belt buckle. Likewise, our Poitier Brown Leather Belt has a similar black leather feature next to the gunmetal black belt buckle. Thanks to our genius designers, you can now use a single belt for both black and brown shoes and look stylish while at it.

Men's Shoes

Did you know that your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you? That said, you can rest assured that a high-quality pair of monk straps paired well with the rest of your ensemble will exude a positive sense of attention to detail, style, and fastidiousness.

Good leather is essential to making a premium shoe, which is why we chose Spanish hand-crafted Goodyear welt for both our Bellwether Brown Leather Wingtip Single Monks and our Errol Double Monks. Both shoes also feature a beveled waist and metal toe taps; talk about high-quality construction!

Monk straps aside, we have a variety of men’s shoes in Centennial, CO, including dress shoes, boots, and slippers.

Inherent Clothier Custom Collections

Bryant / Draper

Suiting your body size and shape in a stunning outfit that fits you perfectly is a great way to dress confidently and live confidently.

We created the Bryant / Draper collection to encourage men to embrace the self-empowerment of dressing for life, redressing body image issues with tailoring. The Bryant / Draper collection is a joint effort between Inherent Clothier’s founder, Taylor Draper, and Emmy award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant.

To be confident is to be true to yourself and appreciate your uniqueness. Let us help you take control of your wardrobe and fill it with custom clothier that oozes confidence.

Autumntide MMXX

Depression is a severe mental health disorder that is very real and can occur without reason. Luckily, it is treatable, but one has to seek help. Unfortunately, society expects men to be strong and swallow their sadness to not appear weak. Inherent Clothier created the Autumntide MMXX to empower men to speak openly about their struggles with depression.

We are a group of dapper gents supporting men’s mental well-being in Colorado. We encourage men to rise above the stereotypes of masculinity placed on them by society. Join us as we keep changing gear for change in men’s mental wellness through your wardrobe.

Why Should You Choose Inherent Clothier for Custom Suits in Centennial, CO?

So, why choose Inherent Clothier for custom-tailored suits in Centennial, CO?

We offer a tailoring experience like no other. Our ace tailors’ eye for detail and knowledge coupled with the highest quality cloths ensure that you’ll get the best suit that you deserve, a perfect fitting garment that you’ll never want to take off.

True artistry is at the heart of each piece that we make. We may not have the cheapest suit, but we have the best suits in Centennial, CO.

Book a Virtual Experience - Order Suits ONLINE

Are you unable to make it to Inherent Clothier for an in-house meeting? You can enjoy the whole Inherent experience from the comfort of your home or office in Centennial, CO.

We can break down our virtual appointments into a simple three-step process:

1. Book Your Appointment

After booking an online appointment with Inherent Clothier, we will contact you at a convenient time. We will get acquainted and learn about you, your lifestyle, and your fashion preferences during our first meeting.

2. Design

After understanding what you’re looking for, we’ll then design your garment in your presence, guiding you on what works best for you so you can make the best decisions. We will then guide you on how to take accurate body measurements.

3. Receive Your Garment

Finally, your garment is ready and has shipped to your doorstep in Centennial, CO. We’ll do a review of the fit with you on a video call. In case any alterations are needed, we offer a $150 alterations credit for your first suit. Once we establish your precise fit, we’ll store it in our system for future purchases.

About Centennial, CO

Centennial, CO is one of Colorado’s newest cities, having been incorporated in 2001. The city is part of the Denver–Aurora–Lakewood Metropolitan Statistical Area and is famous for its majestic forests, rivers, parks, canyons, and its proximity to the magnificent Rocky Mountains, not to mention 300 plus days of sunshine throughout the year.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you should consider visiting Centennial, Co on your next vacation.

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