Bryant/Draper - The Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt


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About The Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt

Every shirt in the BRYANT/DRAPER collection features beautiful, unique designs that you won't find in an ordinary store. Custom-made, and designed by the visions of a true artist, this shirt is eye-catching and versatile all at once. Stand out in the crowd, shop today.

In Janie's Words

This tux shirt, believe it or not, devolved from James Bonds ruffled tux shirt from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Gone are the ruffles, replaced by precise pleats that frame the buttons of the shirt. It’s a simplified version of your tuxedo shirt, and it looks amazing with our BRYANT/DRAPER tuxedo, trust me!

The Bryant/Draper Collection

This collaboration was brought to life because INHERENT CEO Taylor Draper and Emmy-winning costume designer Janie Bryant are both deeply aware of the transformative power of clothing. Whether you're Jon Hamm, donning a jacket to transform entirely into your character, Don Draper, or you climb out of bed and you just need to don your own suit of armour to face the struggles that day holds, clothing can change you.


This piece is available now via our custom program. We will need your measurements, which we can obtain through a virtual or in-person fitting, or you can provide them to us via email. Once we have them, this piece will be made perfectly to your size.

Custom order time is 4-6 weeks.