Bryant/Draper - The Gael Sports Coat


About The Brown with Blue Windowpane Sports Coat

Mixing the classic windowpane pattern with cutting-edge, modern color combinations makes this a unique, enviable piece. Made to catch attention and inspire confidence, this piece will be a favorite in your wardrobe.

In Janie's Words

"I've always loved a great windowpane! It's bold and classic and always makes a statement."

Now, with the new BRYANT/DRAPER collection you can have the latest in a modern pairing, chocolate brown and light blue! There's lots of advantages to owning a great windowpane sport coat. Windowpanes beef up the leaner guy and, have a slimming effect for the bigger man.

The BRYANT/DRAPER windowpane also offers the chromatically challenged an easy way to pair shirts and ties with their jackets. This sport coat is every man’s best friend. You’ll look great wearing it, and you’ll feel great too!

The Bryant/Draper Collection

This collaboration was brought to life because INHERENT CEO Taylor Draper and Emmy-winning costume designer Janie Bryant are both deeply aware of the transformative power of clothing. Whether you're Jon Hamm, donning a jacket to transform entirely into your character, Don Draper, or you climb out of bed and you just need to don your own suit of armour to face the struggles that day holds, clothing can change you.


This piece is available now via our custom program. We will need your measurements, which we can obtain through a virtual or in-person fitting, or you can provide them to us via email. Once we have them, this piece will be made perfectly to your size.

Custom order time is 4-6 weeks.