Endurance by INHERENT Performance Running Shorts


Performance Running Shorts designed in Colorado by Marathon Runner Michael Culley. The Endurance by INHERENT performance running shorts are specifically designed for distance runners. These shorts, created by Michael Culley - a marathoner, ultra marathoner, and 10x Boston qualifier - prioritize comfort and durability. The sturdy waistband, featuring a drawstring and spandex liner, keeps the shorts securely in place, preventing them from falling down or riding up during your long runs. The shorts also come equipped with 8 pockets, including 2 liner pockets for your phone or other items, front and back zipper pockets for secure storage, and 2 mesh pockets on each side for water bottles and nutrition. Additionally, elastic loops on each side are provided for gels, and a heavy-duty elastic band on the back to hold a top layer that you may remove during your run. Available with a 7" inseam, and soon to be released with a 5" inseam, these shorts are perfect for your long, unsupported runs and for races where you bring your own nutrition.

*This product cannot be customized