Authentic Denim Varsity Jacket


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A standout piece in the Authentic by INHERENT collection. This lightweight varsity jacket will bring the perfect vintage vibe to your wardrobe; inspired by Ivy League style and paying homage to Harvard University in 1865, it's just updated enough to be modern and cool.

Our varsity jacket is made out of denim with moleskin sleeves, and it features a banded bottom and collar. The red INHERENT logo on the back in chain stitched, which is just a very cool, old school way of embroidering.

The Authentic lighthouse patch ties this jacket in with the rest of our collection. What's up with the lighthouse you see here (and on our white tee and wool cap)?

Lighthouses have traditionally been viewed as symbols of hope and security. As beacons of light, they provide guidance and safe passage to sailors, protecting not only their lives but the land nearby.

For us at INHERENT, they represent staying on track when you feel like you're lost in a storm - our beacon of hope. You'll see a lighthouse as the flagship symbol of our INHERENT Authentic Collection.