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Men's Custom-Tailored Suits in Westminster, CO

Inherent Clothier is a premier men-focused clothing store in Westminster, CO offering quality custom-tailored suits alongside a wide range of shirts, clothes, and accessories for a complete, versatile wardrobe.

Inherent Clothier is the best tailor shop in Westminster, CO.

We make use of the most fashionable styles, delivering a bespoke suit you can wow the crowd with and create the best first impression!

Our goal is to bring quality, versatile menswear to all gentlemen in Westminster, CO. Book an appointment with Inherent Clothier today!

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Men’s Clothing in Westminster, CO

Wearing clothes that fit you well instantly makes you feel comfortable in all situations.

The dress code you choose relies on the occasion, venue, time of day, and menu. Here’s a quick guide to men’s dress codes for all occasions.

Custom Suits

When you pull a custom suit off of its hanger and try it on, rest assured that the fit will be perfect every single time. An excellent made-to-measure suit confers a feeling of quality, style, and individuality.

While an off-the-rack suit seems cost-effective initially, it can cost you a significant amount in alterations. However, a tailor-made suit offers a precise fit and quality materials.

A custom-tailored suit is a long-lasting garment that stays looking good for longer. Tailoring is undoubtedly good value in the long run.

Polo Shirts

Do you have to get somewhere urgently and don’t have time to pick out an outfit? Just wear a polo shirt.

Polo shirts are the epitome of versatility. They are more casual than dress shirts and more formal than t-shirts.

Are you going for a drink, a casual dinner, or a visit to the golf course? Our long sleeve Italian knit polos will have you looking both casual and stylish.

Our handmade polos will last a lifetime thanks to the Italian milled fabric, mother of pearl buttons, and hand-sewn buttonholes.

They come in three colors; navy, charcoal, and honeycomb.

Dress Shirts

The classic white dress shirt is a must-have in every gentleman’s wardrobe. This shirt goes with any suit, literally.

However, there is a great alternative.

Inherent Cream’s Signature Shirt is a subtle and fashionable alternative to the white shirt. A cream-colored shirt looks good with many different jackets and ties, and you won’t be looking like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry.

You can also pull off an effortless look with our artisanal light Olive Button-Up Shirt or borrow inspiration from one of David Beckham’s sharp-as-hell suits with The Fitzgerald Contrasting Club Collar Shirt.

Tux Shirts

Have you ever wondered why the finest shirts in the world are always cotton? Two words: durability and breathability.

Our Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt is 100% natural cotton for the best feel against your skin. It is both absorbent and odor resistant; you can hit the dance floor without any care in the world.

Complete your look by ordering our Gable Tuxedo, and you might as well be the most dapper gentleman in the next black-tie event in Westminster, CO.


If you could own a single pair of pants, it should be a pair of well-fitting chinos. They are simply the most versatile pants a man could wear. Better yet, they are incredibly simple to style.

Our brushed cotton Murphy Chinos are heavenly comfortable. The material retains heat while still being breathable, which makes them great for all four seasons. The Murphy Chinos additionally feature our signature double button enclosure, copper-toned rivets, Spanish bone buttons, and a 5-pocket design.

Sports Coat

A sports coat is a smart casual lounge jacket that you can wear on its own without matching trousers. They are a perfect option if you like dressing professionally in more casual workplace environments.

Our blue windowpane sports coat, the Gael Sports Coat, is a bold choice that will guarantee attention wherever you go. On the other hand, the Bonny Blue Linen Sports Coat features a unique light blue fabric that is flattering on all skin tones. Crafted from high-quality Irish linen, the Bonny Blue is light enough to wear during the summer while still perfect for layering in the colder months.

Men’s Clothing Accessories

They say life is in the details. And that’s notably true when it comes to men’s clothing accessories.


One of the most basic yet essential accessory pieces in your outfit is the belt. Remember, if you’ve got belt loops, you have to use them.

Our Perry Black Leather Belt is a lovely black belt that will have people staring. It features a stunning brown leather detail near the gunmetal belt buckle. Similarly, our Poitier Brown Leather Belt has a stunning black leather feature next to the gunmetal black belt buckle. This cunning design feature makes it possible to wear either belt with both black and brown shoes.

Men's Shoes

Speaking of shoes, you can’t afford to cheap out when it comes to footwear. Your shoes are the foundation on which your entire foundation rests.

You can never go wrong with a high-quality pair of Monk straps. The monk-strap is a timeless fashion piece that is indeed stylish and incredibly versatile. Both our Bellwether Brown Leather Wingtip Single Monks and the Errol Double Monks feature solid engineering. Metal toe taps, a beveled waist, and hand-crafted Goodyear welt from artisans in Spain; you can expect them to last a lifetime.

Inherent Clothier Custom Collections

Bryant / Draper

Body confidence: everybody wants it, but it often seems beyond reach to many of us.

Whether you feel authentic in your outfit is all that matters.

Suiting your body size and shape in well-fitting garments that flatter your best features and appreciate your uniqueness does a great deal to boost your confidence.

We collaborated with Janie Bryant, the Emmy-winning costume designer behind Mad Men, to bring you the Bryant / Draper collection. The Bryant / Draper collection is a confidence-inspiring collection for men whose aim is empowering the gentlemen of Westminster, CO, to make life-changing wardrobe choices, one suit at a time.

Autumntide MMXX

10-17% of men develop significant depression at some point in their lives. While statistics indicate more women suffer from depression, it tends to be more deadly for men, as men are up to four times more likely to commit suicide.

We created the Autumntide MMXX collection to encourage men to speak openly about their struggles with depression. It’s not weak to say, ‘I need help.’ The key is not being afraid to open up.

We are a group of dapper gents in Colorado supporting men in their fight against depression, using fashion as our tool. You’re not alone; we are always ready to lend an ear.

Why Should You Choose Inherent Clothier for Custom Suits in Westminster, CO?

So, why do the men of Westminster, CO trust us for custom suits?

Not all suits are created equal, neither are the tailors.

Our tailors are masters in the art of bespoke tailoring. From our initial engagement to cutting the fabric and ironing your finished suit, our talented artisans dedicate their passion, prowess, and skill into every moment, aiming for the perfect fit. We do not have the cheapest suit, but we have the best suit in Westminster, CO.

We do more than creating the best custom-tailored suits Westminster, CO has to offer. Inherent Clothier is also a movement that empowers men to shake the social and cultural stigma surrounding men’s mental wellness.

Book a Virtual Experience - Order Suits ONLINE

Thanks to the power of technology, we can now design your suit online, take your measurements, and deliver your custom-tailored suit to your home or office in Westminster, CO.

After booking an online consultation with Inherent Clothier, we’ll meet and get acquainted with you. We’ll learn about you, your lifestyle, and your preferences in preparation for design.

Since your clothes reflect your authentic self, we’ll be glad to present you with the entire design process. Our expert tailors will make helpful suggestions to ensure that the end product is a suit that makes a statement, a masterpiece.

After the design process, we will take 30+ accurate measurements of your body to ensure your bespoke suit aligns with your precise anatomical structure for the best fit possible. Don’t fret! Our skilled tailor will guide you.

When your suit is ready, we’ll ship it straight to your doorstep in Westminster, CO. We’ll review the fit and make alterations if need be. Once we capture your perfect fit, we’ll store it in our system for later orders.

About Westminster, CO

Situated just to the northwest of downtown Denver along US Route 36, Westminster, CO is a Home Rule Municipality that recently featured as one of the best places to live in the country.

So, how did Westminster, CO make it to the list?

Located in Jefferson and Adams Counties, Westminster prides itself in having a low crime rate, fantastic shopping centers, surreal sights and sounds, and proximity to some of the country’s best outdoor activities.

Tucked in-between Denver and Boulder just to the east of the front range of the Rocky Mountains, this is the place to be for some of the best hiking, mountain biking, and skiing in North America.

Not a fan of the great outdoors? Westminster, CO, also has a lot to offer food and history lovers. Be sure to spare some time to visit the city’s extensive shopping districts.

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