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Men’s Custom-Tailored Suits in Thornton, CO

Inherent Clothier is an expert suit tailor specializing in custom-made, hand-tailored suits for distinguished gentlemen in Thornton, CO.

Inherent Clothier tailors bespoke suits with Colorado’s most extensive range of premium quality European fabrics, producing a unique pattern for each gent to ensure every suit fits perfectly. We offer a fine blend of top-notch tailoring with customer service that will outright spoil you, not to mention a menswear accessory selection that remains second to none. We are sure that you’ll find both a suit and an experience to cherish for ages. By the time we’re through, you’ll be one huge and formidable step ahead of the pack.

Inherent Clothier is more than a couturier; we are a movement consisting of dapper gents supporting men’s mental well-being in Colorado. At Inherent Clothier, we aim at redressing body image issues with our tailoring service, making the best-tailored suits in Thornton, CO.

Take control of your wardrobe today by trying bespoke with Inherent Clothier. We promise you an exquisitely tailored masterpiece that fits just one person - you!

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Men’s Clothing in Thornton, CO

What’s the event? Is it a formal job interview or a garden wedding? Maybe you want to look good every day.

As a distinguished gentleman, appropriate clothing isn’t just about you looking great. A proper presentation reflects
your respect to those around you, contributing to the occasion with your very presence.

Custom Suits

Custom suits are made-to-measure suits made by expert tailors. By choosing a custom suit, you will get a chance to express your unique style by designing your suit with us. You can choose any color, material and styling for your custom-tailored suit with a bespoke tailor.

Polo Shirts

The polo shirt is a casual-chic style icon that has rightfully earned its spot among every gent’s menswear essentials. The true men’s style staple isn’t just super versatile; it is fantastic for all seasons, whether it’s chilling cold or scorching hot in Thornton, CO.

Since the whole point of wearing a polo shirt is being comfortable, our handmade long sleeve Italian knit polos are 100% cotton. Our polos are handmade and feature gorgeous mother of pearl buttons.

To stay comfortable, you don’t need to look sloppy. All you need is several cool polo shirts in several colors. Our Italian knit polos come in three colors; charcoal, navy, and honeycomb.

Dress Shirts

The ultimate guide to men’s dress shirts is that every man needs at least one plain weave white solid dress shirt in their wardrobe, full stop.

There’s just one tiny problem with white dress shirts; they are too good. Therefore, everybody has them. Power up your wardrobe for change with Inherent’s Cream Signature Shirt. Just like white, cream pairs well with just about anything. The summerlike yellow tone is fun, timeless, and sophisticated all at once.

Tux Shirts

Does Thornton, CO have any black-tie occasions soon?

There’s not a better way to channel your inner 007 than by rocking a tuxedo shirt that draws inspiration from James Bond himself. And it’s not just any shirt; it’s Bond’s ruffled tux shirt from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Our Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt is a toned-down version featuring pintuck pleats instead of bold ruffles. Pulling off the quietly confident James Bond black-tie look will massively contribute to your style points only if done the right way. Pair the Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt with our Gable Tuxedo, and the only cocktail you’ll be ordering is a dry martini.


Why are chinos so popular?

Chinos are undoubtedly an essential style. They are incredibly comfortable and versatile. You can wear your chinos with dressier shirts and shoes to work or even more formal events, and nobody will bat an eyelid. For a casual look, wear chinos as you would jeans.

We chose brushed cotton for our Murphy Chinos to make them ideal for year-round use. They retain heat during the cold months while still being breathable for the summer. Our mid-weight chinos additionally feature copper-toned rivets, a 5-pocket design for versatility, and stunning bone buttons imported from Spain.


A sports coat is a beautifully versatile garment with various designs that seem to present a lot of confusion for men.

The windowpane appears to be an “in-between” pattern that’s less formal than a pinstripe, yet not as casual as a glen paid. Our Gael Sports Coat is a superb blend of chocolate brown and light blue. It is a bold and stunning color combination that oozes contemporary style while still giving off a classic vibe.

Want to go full casual? Check out The Bonny Blue Linen Sports Coat. It features high-quality Irish linen, which makes it fantastic for year-round wear. The unique light blue fabric is flattering on all skin tones and will be attracting all the proper attention.

Does our Bonny Blue Linen Sports Coat seem familiar? The coat that Don Draper donned in Mad Men Season II when he visited California inspired it.

Men’s Clothing Accessories

Looking the very best in a suit is both a science and an art. Once you’ve nailed the perfect fit, you’re ready to work on your style-arsenal and level up your wardrobe game with some accessories.

You will never go wrong with a pop of color in your breast pocket. The simplest way to add some refined flair to your suits or blazer is by using The Ellington Pocket square.

To belt or not to belt? Essentially, a belt’s purpose is holding up your dress pants.

So, what if your pants fit perfectly? It boils down to the belt loops. If you have them, use them..

Coming to belts, our designers came up with an ingenious creation. Our Perry Black Leather Belt features an eye-catching brown leather detail near the gunmetal belt buckle, while our Poitier Brown Leather Belt has a matching black leather detail near the gunmetal belt buckle. Since your belt leather color should always match your shoe leather color, either of our belts can perfectly match with both black and brown footwear. Clever, eh?

Men's Shoes

When out in public, what do you suppose people see first when they look at you? The shoes you have are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. People can even make accurate predictions about your personality traits based solely on the shoes you wear.

When it comes to men’s fashion, the term timeless often gets thrown about. However, the monk strap is arguably the most enduring dress shoe style. Nowadays, a sleek pair of monk strap shoes is the hallmark of a modern gent who is traditionally inclined. However, the beauty of the modern monk strap shoe lies in its ability to match with both casual and formal wear flawlessly.

So, single or double? It boils down to preference.

Our Bellwether Brown Leather Wingtip Single Monks are more subtle, hence better suited to formal events. Their counterparts, the Errol Double Monks are the stomper of choice for weddings, parties, and other occasions where your outfit allows you to add some touch of personality.

What could be flashier and even more unique than our monk straps? Well, our Hurrel Two-Tone Jodhpur. Two-tone and a buckle at the side, this sleek shoe is so unique it’ll get people talking. We designed all our shoes with long-wear in mind. You’ll be surprised at the comfort of our Sebastian Black Belgian Loafers and The Inherent Evening Slipper.

Inherent Clothier Custom Collections

Bryant / Draper

Confidence is more than just good self-esteem; it involves feeling powerful, special, and knowing your worth.

We believe that power dressing can immensely boost your confidence. We created the Bryant / Draper collection to encourage men to embrace the self-empowerment that comes from dressing for life.

The Bryant / Draper collection is a partnership between Inherent Clothier’s founder, Taylor Draper, and Emmy award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant. Fun fact! Janie Bryant is the genius who birthed Mad Men’s most dapper gent, the iconic Don Draper.

While we can’t make you Don Draper, our confidence-inspiring wardrobe for men will have you pumped up with enough confidence to tackle anything life may throw your way, just like Don Draper.

Autumntide MMXX

10% to 17% of men develop major depression at some point in their lives. While women have a higher depression prevalence, it tends to be more deadly for men, as men are four times more likely than their counterparts to die from suicide.

Inherent Clothier came up with the Autumntide MMXX collection to inspire men to open up about their struggles with depression. We design custom clothier with men’s mental well-being in every seam, empowering men to shake the stigma around men’s mental health struggles and rise above societal expectations.

Every garment supports our men’s mental well-being Foundation.

Why Choose Inherent Clothier for Custom Suits in Thornton, CO

There are several bespoke tailors in Thornton, CO, so why should you choose Inherent Clothier for your sartorial and suiting needs in Thornton, CO?

A complete suiting experience is what Inherent Clothier promises, and we sure live up to our word. At Inherent Clothier, we craft all our garments with unsurpassed attention to detail, purpose, and comfort. We abide by the traditions of Savile Row, featuring an extensive fabric range from the finest mills around the world. Our ace tailors can replicate any conceivable style and fit to ensure you look dazzling and debonaire.

So, why do we make the best suits in Thornton, CO? Inherent Clothier was founded to inspire bold confidence through custom-tailoring. We help men build a fully functional and versatile wardrobe while building awareness around men’s mental wellness issues.

Book a Virtual Experience - Order suits ONLINE

Are you working on restoring your pride through your wardrobe? Inherent Clothier will walk with you every step of the way. Contact us today, and we’ll set up a virtual appointment at your time of choice.

Before suiting your body size and shape in a suit that makes a statement, we’ll start by learning who you are, your personality, lifestyle, and preference.

Remember, your clothes reflect your true self. We’ll design your custom clothier that oozes confidence in your presence to make sure it perfectly aligns with your character.

Don’t worry about the measurements, as we’ll guide you through the entire process. Let us know your preferred fit, and we’ll make adjustments accordingly.

Once your garment is ready, it will ship straight to your doorstep in Thornton, CO. We’ll then request you to get on a call with us, and we’ll review the fit together. We’ll keep your perfect fit in our records, so you’ll be able to order more garments without remeasurements.

Our relationship transcends business; we are your confidant. Stay in touch as you make life-changing wardrobe choices, and remember, we’re always ready to listen.

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About Thornton, CO

The City of Thornton is a suburb situated in the northeast part of the Denver metropolitan area in Adams and Weld counties, about 10 miles away from downtown Denver. The city has gradually transitioned from vast farmland in the 1950s to a bustling home rule municipality that is the sixth most populous city in Colorado.

Are you an outdoorsy folk? You’ll be glad to know that Thornton, CO, hasn’t strayed too far off its roots, offering about 2000 acres of parklands and open space within the city limits. Don’t forget your camera, though, as Thornton is a front-range city, offering magnificent views of the Rocky Mountains.

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