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Inherent Clothier is an elite suit tailor specializing in tailor-made suits for gentlemen in the Pueblo, CO, area. There are endless options and choices on how you’d like your bespoke creation to look. Inherent Clothier is ideal for the man who seeks the superior fit and quality of a custom-tailored suit without the lengthy wait.

Inherent Clothier isn’t just the best tailor in Pueblo, CO. Apart from making the finest suits money can buy in Pueblo, CO, we also champion mental wellness issues such as depression, anxiety, and self-doubt.

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Men’s Clothing in Pueblo, CO

Dressing well is an art. Dressing up appropriately for an occasion tells a lot about your personality. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide that will help you decipher what to wear for every occasion in Pueblo, CO.

Custom Suits

When a man wears a proper suit well, people have confidence in him.

Our expert tailors handle all of our cutting and sewing in-house, creating a suit to compliment your body shape and size, right down to the nuances of button placement and pocket size. We may not have the cheapest suit, but we do have the best suits in Pueblo, CO.

Visit our website today and get yourself a suit that makes a statement.

Polo Shirts

A polo shirt seems more casual than a dress shirt while remaining more formal than a t-shirt. It is probably the most versatile shirt in a man’s wardrobe.

Do you have an impromptu Zoom business meeting to attend? Maybe it is followed by a game of golf then a dinner party in the evening? Just wear our handmade long-sleeve Italian knit polos. Apart from their versatility and stylishness, they are also breathable and comfortable thanks to our material of choice, pure cotton.

Our Italian knit polos come in three colors: charcoal, navy, and honeycomb.

Dress Shirts

A classic white dress shirt is the foundation of any stylish man’s wardrobe. It’s a fashion icon on its own, pairing and coordinating effortlessly with pretty much all other dress wear in your closet.

The only problem with the white dress shirt is probably all gents in Pueblo, CO, and the entire country have one.

Check out our cream-color shirts if you’re looking for something just as stylish and versatile but a lot more unique. Just like our polo shirts, we chose high-quality cotton for Inherent Cream’s Signature Shirt.

Enroll in our exclusive Inherent Custom Shirt Club and get a new custom-tailored shirt in your mailbox each month.

Tux Shirts

Are there any black-tie events happening soon in Pueblo, CO?

A tuxedo dress shirt is an essential detail that should always compliment a dress shirt. Our Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt drew inspiration from one of TV’s most dapper gentlemen, James Bond. If you’re wondering which of Bond’s tux shirts inspired ours, it is the ruffled tux shirt from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. We replaced the ruffles with neat pintuck pleats, though, for a more subtle aesthetic.

Are you also looking for a jacket? Order our made-to-measure Gable Tuxedo, and you’ll bless the next Pueblo, CO, black-tie event with your very presence.


Chinos are to pants what polo shirts are to shirts. You can wear them to the office, to a dinner date, and even to the golf course, and nobody will bat an eyelid.

To make our Murphy Chinos even more versatile, we selected brushed cotton for the material since it retains heat while still being breathable. It makes them ideal for year-round use. The Murphy Chinos additionally feature copper-toned rivets, Spanish bone buttons, our signature double button enclosure, and a 5-pocket design.


Sports coats are fantastic because they coordinate well with all pants that differ in color and pattern. Our Gael Sports Coat is a fine blend of the classic windowpane pattern with a bold modern color combination. This brown with blue windowpane is a unique and desirable piece that will be a favorite in your closet.

Do you want to stand out? Our Bonny Blue Linen Sports Coat features a lighter shade of blue mated to high-quality Irish linen – A universally flattering and multi-seasonal offering. Another great dresser inspired our Irish Linen sports coat. It was none other than Don Draper from Mad Men.

Mad Men’s actual costume designer, Janie Bryant, is responsible for the Bonny Blue Linen Sports Coat.

Men’s Clothing Accessories

Never underestimate the power of men’s tailoring accessories. Accessories can easily make or break an outfit. They differentiate a good outfit from a great outfit. Unfortunately, most men tend to completely ignore accessories, focusing all their attention on coats and shirts. Don’t be those men.

A simple way to spruce up your outfit is by wearing a belt. For more formal occasions, you should match your belt and shoe color.

Why wear a belt when you have bespoke clothing that fits like a glove? Simple, if you have belt loops, you’ve got to use them.

Our beautiful Perry Black Leather Belt features a stunning brown leather detail near the gunmetal belt buckle. In contrast, our Poitier Brown Leather Belt features a similar leather feature in black next to the gunmetal black belt buckle. Thanks to this clever design, you can wear either belt with both black or brown shoes and not look odd. How cool is that!

Want to add a refined flair to your outfit? You’ll never go wrong with a dash of color in your breast pocket. A pocket square should add some interest to your jacket via color and pattern, and that’s what The Ellington Pocket square does. Our pocket square features a stunning shot of the Koi fish, a subtle and beautiful reminder of perseverance in times of adversity and strength of purpose.

Men's Shoes

While not an accessory per se, shoes are one of the most crucial pieces of clothing in a man’s outfit.

While shoe styles are incredibly varied, a particular footwear style ticks all boxes. The monk strap is an enduring dress shoe style that offers timeless elegance for the modern gentleman. The monk strap is not only sophisticated. It is also very versatile, looking good with everything from suits to jeans and even shorts.

The clean silhouette of our Bellwether Brown Leather Wingtip single monk strap makes it an ideal choice for business and formal attire. If you’ve got the freedom to show some personality, our Errol Double Monks are a stylishly dapper shoe choice. If you’re looking to go much wilder, you’ll love our Hurrel Two-Tone Jodhpur.

Inherent Clothier Custom Collections

Bryant / Draper

You cannot underestimate just how much of an impact your clothes have on your confidence level. If you’re looking to dress your best and increase your confidence, you’re in the right place.

The Bryant / Draper collection is a confidence-inspiring wardrobe for men that seeks to restore your pride by using custom clothier that oozes confidence. The Bryant / Draper collection resulted from a collaboration between Inherent Clothier’s founder, Taylor Draper, and Emmy award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant.

Who better to speak about ‘dressing for confidence’ than Janie, the mastermind behind Mad Men’s best-dressed gentleman, Don Draper. While we can’t make you Don Draper, we can dress you in his distinct classic style, fueling confidence.

Power up your wardrobe for change by checking out the Bryant/Draper collection today.

Autumntide MMXX

Depression is a common mental illness worldwide that affects an estimated 264 million people across the globe. Depression affects 10% to 17% of men at some point in their lives. While it generally affects women more often than men, it tends to be more deadly for men since men are four times as likely to commit suicide than women.

It is deadly for men because it is hard to diagnose and treat since it often disguises itself as another problem, such as fatigue or alcoholism. At Inherent Clothier, we believe in the self-empowerment of dressing for life. You too, should! Therefore, we created the Autumntide MMXX collection to inspire the men of Pueblo, CO, to speak openly about their battle with depression.

The wardrobe is more than just clothes; you also need to feel comfortable both mentally and emotionally. Do you suffer from wardrobe stress? Reach out to Inherent Clothier, and we will help you make life-changing wardrobe choices.

Every garment supports our men’s mental wellbeing foundation.

Why Choose Inherent Clothier for Custom Suits in Pueblo, CO

When looking for the best suit maker in Pueblo, CO, why should you pick Inherent Clothier?

By choosing Inherent Clothier, you will experience the unmistakable feel of a custom-tailored suit that is crafted carefully and built to last using only the finest of materials. We will make you a tailored suit that looks the part and also compliments your life and personal style.

Aside from being your couturier, we are dapper gents supporting men’s mental wellbeing in Colorado.

Visit our website today and experience genuinely luxurious bespoke tailoring in Pueblo, CO.

Book a Virtual Experience - Order suits ONLINE

Are you feeling ready to start dressing for self-esteem? Inherent Clothier can help restore your pride through your wardrobe, no matter where you are.

By utilizing the power of technology, we can now offer you the whole Inherent experience from the comfort of your home in Pueblo, CO. All this is done in four simple steps, outlined below.

Step 1. Schedule Your Custom Fitting

When you book an appointment with Inherent Clothier, we will schedule a virtual meeting at a convenient time. We’ll start the meeting with a conversation, learning more about your lifestyle, preferences, and what you need. Remember, we’re more than your stylist. We’re your confidant.

Step 2. Design

At Inherent Clothier, we are all about personal branding – creating a bespoke suit that is truly yours and yours alone. To accomplish this, we’ll have you on a video call with us through the entire design process, from choosing the materials to picking buttons and cufflinks. Our expert tailor will share their knowledge and offer you guidance so that you can make informed decisions.

Step 3. Fitting

Please don’t fret; we shall guide you through the fitting process. We will take 30+ precise measurements, offering an extraordinary level of fit and attention to detail. The tailor specializing in your garment will make further adjustments based on your preferred fit if any.

Step 4. Delivery

The day you’ve been waiting for – your custom-tailored suit arrives at your doorstep in Pueblo, CO. We’ll request you to get on a video call with us so we can review the fit together. If the fit is perfect, we’ll add your measurements to our system so we won’t have to re-measure you when you order more garments from our website.


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Pueblo is a city in Colorado that lies by the banks of the Arkansas River, approximately 112 miles to the south of Denver. The earliest permanent building in Colorado stood in Pueblo, so it only makes sense to start your city tour admiring century-old stores and warehouses at the Union Avenue Historic District. The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk is also highly recommended for history buffs touring Pueblo, CO.

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