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Men’s Custom-Tailored Suits in Lakewood, CO

When it comes to custom suits and tailoring in the Lakewood, CO area, look no further than Inherent Clothier.

Inherent Clothier is a high-end luxury tailor specializing in crafting handmade bespoke garments for gentlemen in the Lakewood, CO area. Our outstanding tailors are well equipped to create the perfect outfit for any occasion. Whether you want us to recreate suits in a classic style fueling confidence, or something more modern, we have you covered. We deliver unique bespoke garments, tailor-made using luxury fabrics from the best mills around the World to get the perfect fit.

Apart from making the best suits in Lakewood, CO, we also champion awareness around men’s mental wellness issues, redressing body image issues with our world-class tailoring service. Power up your wardrobe for change today by getting a custom bespoke suit in Lakewood, CO, at Inherent Clothier.

Custom-tailored suits aside, our collection also features sports coats, shirts, shoes, and men’s clothing accessories. We are the one-stop-shop for all your men’s fashion needs in Lakewood, CO.

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Men’s Clothing in Lakewood, CO

Did you know that you can spread positivity through your attire? Dressing well makes you
feel more confident no matter the occasion.

Custom Suits

Custom suits are made-to-measure suits made by expert tailors. By choosing a custom suit, you will get a chance to express your unique style by designing your suit with us. You can choose any color, material and styling for your custom-tailored suit with a bespoke tailor.

Polo Shirts

Ever wondered what the most versatile shirt in a man’s wardrobe is?

Nope, it’s not the white dress shirt. It’s the timeless polo shirt. It perfectly strikes a balance between formal and casual dressing. Classier than t-shirts and less casual than dress shirts, where would you not fit in with a polo shirt?

We designed our long sleeve Italian knit polos with long-wear in mind, hence the high-quality materials highlighted by premium Italian mill fabric and hand-sewn buttonholes. For the buttons, we fitted our handmade pieces with exquisite mother of pearl buttons.

You can get our polos in three colors; charcoal, honeycomb, and navy.

Dress Shirts

When it comes to dress shirts, white goes well with everything!

White dress shirts are perfect. However, their perfection is also their shortcoming. Almost every man has a white shirt in their wardrobe.

So, what’s the best alternative?

Cream-color shirts! They are just as versatile as white shirts. They also signal to those around you that you spent more time selecting your outfit. Inherent’s Cream Signature Shirt features high-quality, comfortable cotton fabric for the best feel against your skin.

Tux Shirts

With a white tuxedo shirt, you will always nail the dress code in black tie events.

The single most important rule for a tux shirt is that it should be 100% cotton. It should also fit you perfectly, no exceptions!

Surprisingly, our Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt borrows inspiration from James Bond’s ruffled tux shirt from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. We replaced the bold ruffles with pintuck pleats to complement the shirt’s black buttons.

Our Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt pairs perfectly with a classic tuxedo or dinner jacket. We highly recommend the Gable Tuxedo, which Clark Gable inspired. Finish off your look with a selection from our fine collection of cufflinks. You’ll surely be the most dashing gentleman in the next black-tie event in Lakewood, CO.


What could be more versatile than denim?

It’s chinos, that’s right.

You can wear chinos to work, parties, a date night, and a wedding. Soldiers even wore them to war. Our Murphy Chinos feature high-quality brushed cotton. It retains heat while still being breathable, making our chinos ideal for all seasons. Other features include copper-toned rivets, Spanish bone buttons, a 5-pocket design, and our signature double button enclosure.


This men’s smart casual garment offers style and flexibility, allowing you to dress professionally in a more casual work environment.

Our blue windowpane sports coat will enable you to stand out from the crowd. The Gael Sports Coat’s windowpane pattern beefs up the leaner guy and makes the bigger man appear slimmer, so you’ll look fabulous no matter what.

Our Bonny Blue Linen Sports Coat was inspired by Don Draper’s coat in season II of Mad Men when he goes to Southern California. High-quality Irish linen makes it ideal for year-round wear.

Men's Clothing Accessories

Even the custom-tailored suit in Lakewood, CO, is incomplete without suitable accessories. We won’t leave you half-baked. Inherent Clothier has a collection of premium quality accessories to help complete your look.


Our Ellington Pocket square instantly elevates any suit it’s paired with by adding a subtle pop of color. The Ellington Pocket square features a beautiful shot of Koi fish taken by Steven de la Roche, our Art Director.

Why the Koi fish? The Koi fish represents perseverance in hardship and strength of purpose.


After suiting your body size and shape in a custom-tailored suit, do you need a belt? Whether or not you need a belt for bespoke clothing is a hot topic in men’s clothing circles. Your pants should perfectly fit your body without the need for a belt. However, if you have belt loops, you have to use them.

There’s a single rule when it comes to belts. Your leather belt color should always match your leather shoe color.

Most men wear either black or brown dress shoes, so you only ever need two belts.

Our Perry Black Leather Belt is a stunning black belt highlighted by a stunning brown leather detail near the gunmetal belt buckle. The brown leather detail allows you to get away with wearing this belt with both black and brown shoes. Likewise, our Poitier Brown Leather Belt also features a distinct black leather detail next to the gunmetal black belt buckle.

Men's Shoes

Shoes are perhaps the most crucial piece in the puzzle that is your outfit. They are the platform upon which your outfit rests. Comfortable shoes also allow us to stand longer, resulting in increased productivity.

When buying shoes, always remember that cheap is expensive. One great pair of shoes can outlast four cheap pairs.

We cut no corners when designing our Bellwether Brown Leather Wingtip Single Monks and our Errol Double Monks. Metal toe taps, a beveled waist, and hand-crafted Goodyear welt; all the hallmarks of a premium shoe are in there.

The stylish Monk straps are the most versatile dress shoe. However, what if you need something bolder? Our Hurrel Two-Tone Jodhpur won’t disappoint. All eyes on the streets of Lakewood, CO, will be on you.

Inherent Clothier Custom Collections

Bryant / Draper

Fashion is more than just dressing up. The clothes you wear are a statement, a reflection of who you are. The clothes you wear play a critical role in influencing how you perceive yourself. By holding your head higher, you appear brighter and command more respect from people around you.

The Bryant / Draper collection is a confidence-inspiring wardrobe for men, created to inspire the importance of personal branding - dress to impress. The collection resulted from a collaboration between Inherent Clothier CEO Taylor Draper and Emmy Winning costume designer Janie Bryant.

Boost your confidence and self-esteem by getting yourself custom clothier that oozes confidence from Inherent Clothier today.

Autumntide MMXX

According to Harvard Medical School, 10% to 17% of men develop depression at some point in their lives. While women may be diagnosed with depression more often than men, it tends to be more deadly for men, as men are four times more likely to commit suicide.

Inherent Clothier created the Autumntide MMXX collection to inspire men to speak up about their struggles with depression. Your wardrobe is more than just clothes. We design custom clothier with men’s mental wellbeing in every seam. When you wear Inherent, you become dressed for life.

Inherent Clothier equips, enables, and empowers the men of Lakewood, CO, to speak openly about their feelings through bespoke and custom clothing. Every garment supports our men’s mental wellbeing foundation.

Why choose Inherent Clothier for Custom Suits in Lakewood, CO

Why should you choose Inherent Clothier?

Inherent Clothier seeks to inspire bold confidence through custom menswear. By dressing to impress, you appear strong and confident, which positively affects your esteem and heightens others’ impressions of you. Inherent Clothier will help you to build a fully functional, versatile wardrobe that awakens your inner confidence.

Inherent Clothier isn’t only a couturier; we are a movement. We are Dapper gents supporting men’s mental wellbeing in Colorado. We spread awareness around men’s mental wellness issues such as anxiety, depression, and self-doubt.

Book a Virtual Experience - Order suits ONLINE

You can now receive the whole Inherent tailoring experience from the comfort of your home or office in Lakewood, CO. Take control of your wardrobe by booking an appointment with us.

When you book a virtual appointment with us, we will contact you at your time of choice. We’ll first get acquainted with you, learning more about your personality and lifestyle.

The second step is designing your outfit. Since your clothes reflect your authentic self, we will design your custom clothier in your presence.

We will then help you take accurate measurements. We can make adjustments based on your preferred fit, be it loose, regular, or slim fit.

Once your tailored suit ships to your doorstep in Lakewood, CO, we’ll request you to get on a video call with us to review your fit. In case any alterations are needed, we offer a $150 alterations credit for your first suit.

Once we save your perfect fit in our records, you won’t have to be measured anytime you purchase our bespoke suits in Lakewood, CO.

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