In 2020, we launched the Foundation by Inherent to focus on men’s mental health issues. Through monthly huddles, everyone meets as a group for open roundtable discussions about topics that matter.


Huddles are monthly events provided to give men a safe and organic place to be open and real with other men about what’s really going on. We have designed this to be an environment where men want to be. With a poker table, coffee, refreshments, and bring your own cigar (BYOC) policy, men are given an open environment to just be honest with each other. Every Huddle has practical resources available for men to take advantage of.


Forums are quarterly events in a more formal setting where INHERENT partners with local professionals and other nonprofits. These are topic based discussions where men can learn about various struggles such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and many more. At the end of each event, men receive practical resources to aid in said topic.

The Collective

The Collective by Inherent is an annual, men’s lifestyle event. With various beverages and experiential opportunities, this event inspires, equips, and empowers men to not only live a more mentally well life, but to be an advocate for other men to do the same.