Our expert tailors deliver custom suits featuring exquisite razor-sharp cuts and luxury fabrics from the top trimming merchants around the World. We custom tailor each suit to match your body, style, and budget perfectly. We don’t just make the most beautiful and luxurious custom-made, bespoke suits in Aurora, CO. We also build awareness around men’s mental wellness issues, redressing body image issues with our world-class tailoring service.

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Garden wedding, job interview, or business meeting? Every event exudes a different mood, and you want to dress accordingly to feel more confident.


Custom suits are made-to-measure suits made by expert tailors. By choosing a custom suit, you will get a chance to express your unique style by designing your suit with us. You can choose any color, material and styling for your custom-tailored suit with a bespoke tailor


What shirt fits nicely for almost any occasion? You’d be wrong if you thought of anything other than a polo shirt.

Polo shirts are a delicate balance between formal and casual dressing. A polo shirt is a classier alternative to T-shirts while remaining less casual than dress shirts. Better yet, you can pair them with anything; shorts, jeans, suits, skirts, you name it.

We crafted our handmade long sleeve Italian knit polos to last a lifetime. Featuring Italian mill fabric, exquisite mother of pearl buttons, and hand-sewn buttonholes, our year-round menswear favorite will enable you to master the smart casual look.

You can get our polos in three colors; charcoal, honeycomb, and navy.


It is almost impossible to miss a white shirt in a man’s wardrobe. White shirts pair perfectly with everything! While that seems like a plus, they aren’t in any sense unique.

Cream-color shirts are just as versatile while making it seem like you spent more time picking your outfit. We designed Inherent’s Cream Signature Shirt with comfort in mind, choosing high-quality, comfortable cotton fabric.


The white tuxedo shirt is the best piece for black tie wear. Your tuxedo shirt should be 100% cotton and has to fit you perfectly. Also, you should make sure that your shirt includes a black tie.

Believe it or not, our Fairbanks Tuxedo Shirt borrows inspiration from James Bond’s ruffled tux shirt from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Out with the ruffles and in with pintuck pleats that complement the shirt’s black buttons.

Pair this with the Gable Tuxedo, inspired by Clark Gable, and all eyes in the black-tie event will be on you. Oh! Don’t forget to check out our exquisite collection of cufflinks.


We’ve talked about the most versatile shirts in a man’s wardrobe, but what about pants?

Nope, it’s not denim. It’s chinos.

Where can you not wear chinos? Soldiers even wore them to war. Our top-of-the-range Murphy Chinos feature copper-toned rivets, Spanish bone buttons, our signature double button enclosure, not forgetting a 5-pocket design for versatility. We went with brushed cotton as it retains heat while still being breathable. Therefore, our chinos are ideal for year-round use.


A sports coat is a patterned jacket designed for people to wear on its own without matching trousers. The men’s smart casual garment is now a common sight on all occasions. Are you looking to catch people’s attention? Our blue windowpane sports coat, the Gael Sports Coat, won’t let you down. Remember the coat that Don Draper had in season II of Mad Men when he goes to palm springs? It inspired our Bonny Blue Linen Sports Coat.


A custom-tailored bespoke suit without suitable accessories to match is like pasta without sauce. Each custom suit needs a collection of premium quality accessories to help you look your best.


If you wear suits that are custom-tailored and fitted to your silhouette, why would you need a belt? Ultimately, it comes down to belt loops. If you have them, use them. Your pants should perfectly fit your body regardless.

Remember that your leather belt color should match your leather shoe color. That said, you only ever need two belts; a black one and a brown one. Our Perry Black Leather Belt is a beautiful black belt whose highlight is a stunning brown leather detail near the gunmetal belt buckle. We also included an eye-catching black leather detail next to the gunmetal black belt buckle of our Poitier Brown Leather Belt.


Comfortable, well-fitting shoes allow us to stand longer and be more productive. Great shoes also immensely boost your fashion appeal as they are the platform on which your outfit stands. Monk straps are the most versatile dress shoes. They are also stylish. We spared no expense when crafting our Bellwether Brown Leather Wingtip Single Monks and our Errol Double Monks. Both of them a beveled waist, metal toe taps, and hand-crafted Goodyear welt from Spain. What could be flashier than monk straps? Check out our Hurrel Two-Tone Jodhpur. That will catch everyone’s eye in the streets of Aurora, CO.


After a successful launch of our latest collection - a collaboration with Janie Bryant, Emmy-award winning costume designer, we thought we'd pause to take you through some of the pieces and the thoughts behind them

This collaboration was brought to life because Taylor Draper and Janie Bryant are both deeply aware of the transformative powerof clothing. Whether you're Jon Hamm, donning a jacket to transform entirely into your character, Don Draper, or you climb out ofbed and you just need to don your own suit of armor to face the struggles that day holds, clothing can change you.

We are proud to present the ‘STEVE McQUEEN by INHERENT’ Driver Collection. An official range of essential accessories and attire for the discerning gentleman who shares our passion for style and driving.

The STEVE McQUEEN by INHERENT Driver Collection is inspired by the renowned McQueen style reputation and his love of classic cars and motor racing. The items in the collection are exquisitely designed for function and style and are produced sustainably in the finest materials to honor McQueen’s legacy… perfect for that Sunday morning drive or a road trip of a lifetime. Equally suitable for a drive to Le Mans, Sebring or along Solar Drive!


With handmade tailoring and fabrics from the best mills in the world, you need a guarantee your clothing is going to fit perfectly.

If you need alterations, we'll cover them for your first suit. You've got nothing to lose. Our garments are built to last a lifetime.

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