After a successful launch of our latest collection - a collaboration with Janie Bryant, Emmy - award winning costume designer, we thought we'd pause to take you through some of the pieces and the thoughts behind them.

This collaboration was brought to life because Taylor Draper and Janie Bryant are both deeply aware of the transformative power of clothing. Whether you're Jon Hamm, donning a jacket to transform entirely into your character, Don Draper, or you climb out of bed and you just need to don your own suit of armour to face the struggles that day holds, clothing can change you.

So Let's Walk Through A Few Of The Pieces, And
Why We Love Them So Much.  

The Shirts

The shirts that are part of our Bryant/Draper Collection are made of the highest quality fabrics, designed with an extreme attention to detail. The shirts in this collection come in a neutral tan, a contrasting blue and white striped shirt, and a crisp, white shirt. Here's a bit more about each piece, in Janies's words.  

"[The] Bryant Draper’s tan linen button down is the perfect neutral that you never knew you needed. The fabrics is luxurious and super breathable, perfect to pair with our Shark- skin Suit for a very of the moment monochromatic look."

This tux shirt, believe it or not, devolved from James Bond's ruffled tux shirt from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Gone are the ruffles, replaced by precise pleats that frame the button of the shirt. It's simplified version of your tuxedo shirt, and it looks great with our BRYANT/DRAPER tuxedo, trust me!

This brown pinstripe suit is going to become a standout piece in your wardrobe.
The pinstripe is a must have in every man's suit collection- it’s an absolute classic. This brown color is so rich, while still being sleek. It’s a suit that Mad Men’s Roger Sterling would be proud to wear.

The Braxton Top Coat

The Top Coat is part of Inherent's extension beyond suits. A beautiful, stunning, luxurious addition to your ward - robe. We designed this piece knowing we wanted it to be able to be paired with anything. No matter what you're wearing underneath, the tan and black color paring makes it easy to coordinate.

Here's a bit more about each piece, in Janies's words.  

"A top coat should be a staple in every man's closet, just as it was for "Don Draper" in Mad Men, especially a Camel Top Coat"

These are just a few of our favourite pieces from this amazing collection - if you're ready to bring a few pieces designed by the mind behind don draper's style, head to our store and build your wardrobe today!