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What We're Doing To Further Men's Mental Wellness

Making a difference through menswear

Events & Livestreams

In today's social climate, it's hard to get together. That being said Inherent is partnering with some incredible non-profits such as Movember, NAMI, and more to bring awareness to men's mental wellness, and provide resources through these partnerships. At these events we get to present our clothing designs at these events, donate suits, get people measured, and most importantly, show them a great message. The more people that Inherent can Dress for Life, the more people are making an impact for change through our foundation. 


The Inherent Foundation is always coming up with ideas to help our community at large. We've implemented a program to help young high school boys where we teach them how to be a gentleman. At the end of the program Inherent Clothier donates a custom suit and experience to these young men.

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Find out how you can help spread the word that dressing well can potentially save someone's life.