Inherent S/001PW Signature Suit


Introducing the Inherent S/001PW Signature Suit.

Inherent's completely custom silhouette designed by CEO Taylor Draper and Emmy Winning costume designer Janie Bryant. 

An Inherent suit makes a statement. This is you talking to the world through your choices in life and wardrobe. The S/001PW Signature suit is you signing on your approval, signaling your identity and individuality. Who’s judging? It matters not: this is about you, your true inner self, your confidence and self esteem. We want every man to be dressed for life, we want every man to feel equipped, enabled and empowered.

The S/001PW Signature Suit says something about your soul and your comfort
in being you. After all there is only one you. It’s OK, you’re allowed to be proud of you.

We custom make our suits to your size, or your preferred off the rack size. We will speak with you over e-mail or zoom after your purchase is made!

*This item is made to order. Please allow 4-6 Weeks for Delivery.