Steve McQueen is, without doubt, a style icon both on and off the screen but there are stand-out movies where his ‘look’ set the benchmark and became an inspiration for men’s wardrobes ever since. The STEVE McQUEEN by INHERENT Driver Collection draws design elements from these movies and the classic timeless style of the ‘50s, ‘60s and early ‘70s but Bullitt was undeniably a big source of inspiration behind this collection. For all McQueen and car fans this Driver Collection epitomizes the man and his love of cars and driving; road or track.

Taylor Draper, CEO of INHERENT, commented when designing this Driver Collection: “I must give credit for much of my inspiration to the costume designer for these films, Bullitt and The Thomas Crown Affair, who’s name was Theadora van Runkle… although I believe McQueen’s style in Bullitt was pretty much his own wardrobe - he dressed for life in a classic American style with Ivy influences and set trends that live on - INHERENT is caretaking his wardrobe legacy.”