Custom Dress Shirts

When people hear "custom made," they immediately lose interest. Many individuals see custom-made shirts as a luxury reserved for the super-rich and famous. While custom dress shirts used to add an elegant touch of style to the elites long ago, they are a fantastic investment for professionals at all levels nowadays. Sure, they cost more than off-the-rack garments. However, they last longer and look better, which could save you money in the long run.

These days, you don't even need to visit a tailoring store to purchase a bespoke shirt. You can book a virtual appointment for our whole Inherent tailoring experience from the comfort of your home. We'll design the garment with you and take an online measurement of your body to ensure it fits your body perfectly while also aligning with your style and personality.

What are Custom Shirts

A custom shirt precisely fits your measurements while providing enough comfort. The shirt should neither be too loose or too tight, as these may affect your confidence negatively. Custom shirts also allow you to influence the final product, allowing you to showcase your creativity and style.

Why choose Inherent Clothier for Custom Shirt:

Inherent Clothier is a premier suit tailor specializing in exquisite cut-in-the-house signature suits, custom-tailored shirts, and a diverse range of men's clothing and accessories. We are dapper gents who inspire bold confidence through custom menswear, pairing the luxury of a personal tailor with impeccable service.

Both a couturier and a movement, our company, was founded purely with ambition and the goal to support men's mental wellbeing in Colorado. We build awareness around men's mental wellness issues like anxiety, depression, and self-doubt, redressing body image issues with tailoring.

Together, "We are strong. We are courageous. We will overcome."


Men whose wardrobe mainly consists of suits are the primary consumers of tailored clothing. However, even sports coats, shirts, and even shoes all look better tailored. Let's go into details and discover the benefits of custom-tailored shirts.

1. Fit

A perfect fit is primarily the reason anyone considers custom clothing. If you like looking good, you may be aware that fit matters the most. A well-fitting shirt flatters your body. It highlights your best features, making you look healthy and sharper.

2. Highlight Your Style

There's a limit as to how much "you" is reflected by off-the-rack shirts. So, instead of being limited to what's on the shelves, you can have custom-made clothing prepared for you in any color, style, print, and size. Maybe you saw a design you liked in a classic movie. The right tailor will make your vision a reality.

3. Flattering cuts and styles

In a single glance, professional tailors can tell what collar shape, taper, pleats, and lapel width works best for your body. They have dressed thousands of people, so pay close attention to their suggestions.

4. Durability

While custom shirts are costlier than their off-the-rack counterparts, you need to be an intelligent buyer; think a few steps ahead. Custom shirts feature the highest quality materials for maximum performance.

Everything from the weight of the fabric to the number of stitches per inch has to be perfect. The exceptional craftsmanship results in a shirt that lasts a long time. You won't have to dash to the store to buy another shirt after barely two seasons.

5. Quality Materials Are Used

A cheap product is not usually of good quality. When manufacturing off-the-rack clothing, quality is far from the top priority; numbers are, as it means more profit for the manufacturer.

Off-the-rack shirts are hastily passed down a production line, unlike custom-tailored shirts, which get thoroughly scrutinized by the keen eye of an ace tailor. You can also select a fabric and weave that best suits you; heavier-weight fabrics for cooler climates and lighter fabrics for warmer areas.

6. Less Time and Effort Wasted

Shopping for custom clothes is a simple and straightforward process. You tell the tailor what you need; you get measured, then you wait for your custom clothier to get delivered. You can even do it all online.

When it comes to off-the-rack shirts, you have to scour several shops searching for what you like. Dressing up extra well also requires a lot more effort.

7. Quality Service

Not many of us enjoy shopping for clothes; however, with an expert tailor at your service, you'll be able to get the most flattering clothes for your body even with minimal input from you. Most custom tailors even keep your measurements on record, so you won't have to get measured every single time.

Style Guide To A Men's Custom SHIRT

With a myriad of dress shirt styles to choose from, how do you know the styles, colors, and fit to select? We will help you understand the basics of selecting the best dress shirt style possible.

Collar Styles

A collar is a piece of fabric that encompasses the neckline of a garment. On a shirt, its purpose is framing your face. There are many styles of collars, but we'll focus on the main ones.

The most versatile collar is the spread collar, which pairs perfectly with both casual and formal shirts.

The spread collar visually widens the wearer's face, while the button-down/point collar makes your face appear longer.

The classic collar is the most traditional collar shape. It avoids all extremes, which gives it a just-right timeless feeling.

The club collar exudes an air of discrete exclusivity and is a pretty rare collar nowadays. It features rounded collar points and is common on bespoke shirts. It looks incredible with a collar pin.

The small collar is like a refresh of the classic collar. It pairs well with a variety of shirts but works best with no neckwear.

The evening collar is a wing collar that is ideal for showing off your self-tie bow tie at black-tie functions.

Shirt Cuffs

Cufflinks or Buttons?

The barrel cuff is the most common type of cuff on dress shirts today. It is practical and sophisticated, featuring a single, unfolded band of fabric wrapped around the wrist.

The single cuff is a common sight in white tie affairs. It pairs well with cufflinks.

French cuffs portray class, confidence, and power. However, you should only wear them in formal scenarios to spruce up an outfit.

Sleeve Length

Your shirt cuff should always fall to the base of the thumb. It shouldn't be too tight and narrow or too long and wide.

The Shirt Hem

Classic dress shirts feature tail and front hems that are longer than the sides. It is to ensure the shirt remains tucked in throughout the day. Shirts with a straight hem are more casual and can be worn untucked.

Men's Shirts 2021 trends

So, what are the shirt trends to keep an eye out for in 2021?

Don't like ties? Get rid of collars altogether. No collar shirts are becoming more and more popular. Still, on the topic of collars, polo shirts went off the radar for a while before re-emerging with eye-catching small turn-down collars.

While cotton remains the primary material for men's shirts in 2021, materials such as flax and viscose are slowly picking up.

Abstract geometry and ethnic ornament imprints are an increasingly common sight, and as expected, the retro style is still in fashion.

FAQs about Custom Shirts:

1. What is the difference between casual and formal shirts?

You are generally supposed to tuck informal shirts, so they are generally longer. Casual shirts are usually left untucked, hence shorter.

2. What are button-up shirts called?

Button-up shirts are called dress shirts.

3. How Much Does a Custom Shirt Cost?

Like custom suits & other custom clothing, a custom shirt's cost varies depending upon fabric and craftsmanship (labor & materials). When purchasing custom clothing, the adage, "You get what you pay for," certainly applies, but there is a full range of cost options available.

4. What type of men's SHIRTS are in style?

The Oxford button-down is incredibly versatile and is an absolute must-have. However, when dressing to impress, you'll never go wrong with a dress shirt. On the other hand, chambray shirts and polo shirts will help you master the smart casual look. The linen shirt is fantastic for keeping you cool and flattering when it's hot out there. Denim, flannel, and the classic short sleeve shirt are also worth checking out

5. Can you replicate a SHIRT style I want?

Yes! Any material, color, and styling you want.

6. Why buy a custom SHIRT online?

Nowadays, we can design your shirt and take your measurements online. We'll then send your tailored shirt right to your doorstep.

7. How long does it take to make my custom-tailored SHIRT?

It takes 4-6 weeks. 6-7 weeks during periods of peak demand.

8. Is a Custom SHIRT Worth It?

On average, custom shirts last up to six years which is considerably more than off-the-rack shirts.

9. What color SHIRTS should a man have?

White. Black and cream are just as versatile, too. Navy blue and Grey are also must-haves.

10. How do I know if I need a custom SHIRT?

Do you need a shirt that aligns with your exact measurements and tastes? No off-the-rack shirt ticks all boxes; you need a custom-tailored shirt.