Inherent's completely custom silhouette designed by CEO Taylor Draper and Emmy Winning costume designer Janie Bryant. An Inherent suit makes a statement. This is you talking to the world through your choices in life and wardrobe. The S/001PW Signature suit is you signing on your approval, signaling your identity and individuality.



When you book an appointment with us, our goal is to establish a relationship with you. We are your personal stylist, clothier, and confidant.


During our video appointment we will help get your measurements accurately, and design your custom garment with you. We can do all of this digitally, so don't worry


The moment you've been waiting for! Your custom piece has arrived. At this point we request to get back on a zoom call with you to review the fit.

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Suits are designed to flatter a man’s physique. It makes you look intriguing while also making you seem trustworthy and well put-together. That said, all guys need at least one suit that’s perfectly tailored to their bodies. Your journey to dressing for success begins by seeking a good tailor to craft a custom-tailored suit for you, and that is where we come in.

Besides crafting the finest custom suits, we also help build awareness around men’s mental wellness issues like anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. Every garment supports our men’s mental well-being foundation.

We are strong. We are courageous. We will overcome.

What are Custom Suits

Custom suits are made-to-measure suits that fit your body perfectly. Custom suits are pretty much a work of art. With a custom suit, you get unlimited personalization and design opportunities, allowing you to express your unique style while also shining a spotlight on your best features.

Why choose Inherent Clothier for Custom Suits

At Inherent Clothier, we design custom clothier with men’s mental well-being in every seam. We do not compromise on quality. Our fabrics come from the finest mills around the World.

The Inherent collection draws inspiration from the classic fit suit. Our highlight, The Bryant Draper Collection, was designed in collaboration with Janie Bryant, the Emmy-winning costume designer behind Mad Men. While we cannot all be Don Draper, we can all benefit from a suit that makes a difference. To complement our suits, we also have quality shoes in stock alongside various accessories to complete your look.

Five Benefits of Custom-Tailored Suits

To many, custom-tailored suits may seem like a luxury reserved for the few. However, they are a good investment for professionals at all levels of their careers. Here are a few reasons why you need to get a tailored suit today.

1. A Perfect Fit

Everything else aside, the most critical part of looking great in a suit is to ensure that it fits you perfectly. Custom suits are all about suiting your body shape and size in a way that compliments your physique. An off-the-rack outfit is never going to tick all the boxes.

2. Save Time and Get What You Want

Nothing is more annoying than walking to a store and falling in love with a suit only to find out that it does not fit you. An experienced tailor can help you determine what you want and have measurements taken within a few minutes.

3. Pick your Style

Ever seen a stunning suit somewhere, but you can’t find it in any store? You can choose any material, color, and styling you want for your suit with a custom tailor. Want deep pockets? Vintage suit buttons? Or maybe a custom liner? Whatever you want, your tailor will deliver.

4. Quality Materials Over Price

A custom-tailored suit affords you the freedom to pick from a wide range of the best fabrics in the market. On the other hand, off-the-rack suits are generally made from cheap materials to make them affordable to the public while still making a profit for store owners.

5. Professional Service

Tailors take great pride in their work. Rest assured that you will not leave that store looking anything other than your best. A good tailor can tell what works for you just by laying their eyes on you. Use their expertise to enable you to take control of your wardrobe.

Style Guide to A Men’s Custom Suit

Different occasions demand different types of suits. So, how do you select the perfect custom suit? Here is a guide mentioning all you need to know when buying a custom suit.

The Occasion.

Where do you intend to wear the suit? Is it to the office, to a wedding, or a party?

The Season.

During the cold months, a heavier fabric like corduroy or tweed will keep you warm. Light-weight fabrics will keep you cool in the warmer months, while a medium-weight fabric such as wool works for an all-season suit.

Color and Pattern.

Do you want a lighter shade of blue to make you stand out in a crowd, or you prefer the timeless medium gray suit. Do you like solid block colors or a stylish pattern?

The Detailing.

Do you want custom lapels, special buttons, or a custom lining?

Two-Piece or Three-Piece suit.

A three-piece suit is more appropriate for formal events such as weddings, while a two-piece suit is better suited for dinner, meetings, or a job interview.

Men’s Tailoring Trends That’ll Transform the Suit In 2021

Bolder Colors

While charcoal and navy-blue exuded formality a while ago, bolder colors such as baby blue and orange are cropping up.

Odd Dimensions

In contrast to the classic fit suits, we can see more designers experimenting with oversized suit jackets, which drop away from your shoulders and waist, hence the look. Do not get a random XL jacket though, pulling off this look is not easy. Precise tailoring is required.

Pinstripes are Back

Originally coming to style in the 1920s, pinstripes were for a long time reserved for traditional business suiting. We have observed a resurgence in the popularity of pinstripes recently.

Matchless Styling

While women got accustomed to wearing separates long ago, men started appreciating the idea just recently. That does not mean matching the jacket of one of your suits with the pants of another. Purchase your separates separately.

FAQs about Custom Suits

1. What type of men’s suits are in style?

While women got accustomed to wearing separates long ago, men started appreciating the idea just recently. That does not mean matching the jacket of one of your suits with the pants of another. Purchase your separates separately.

2. Can you replicate a suit style I want?

Yes. That is the beauty of a custom outfit.

3. Why buy a custom suit online?

Before, you had to physically visit the tailor or have the tailor visit for measurements. Nowadays, we can take measurements online, making it possible to buy made-to-measure suits online.

4. How often should I have my measurements taken?

Once every six to eight weeks

5. How long does it take to make my custom-tailored suit?

4-6 weeks. We cannot guarantee this as occasionally fabric will be out of stock. During periods of peak demand, the delivery time may increase to 6-7 weeks. Please order wedding suits at least eight weeks in advance.

6. Is a Custom Suit Worth It?

Yes. Every man deserves at least one custom-tailored suit. It highlights your best features, attracting the right attention.

7. What color suits should a man have?

Charcoal gray suits are the most versatile. Black and navy blue are almost equally acceptable.

8. How do I know if I need a custom suit?

Your clothes reflect your true self. The only way to highlight your style with a suit that fits you like a glove is by getting it tailor-made.

9. What is the difference between bespoke and made to measure?

Bespoke suits are entirely made from scratch based on a customer’s specifications, while a made-to-measure garment comes from a pre-existing pattern that is modified to fit the client’s exact measurements.

10. With the burgeoning bespoke tailoring business, what makes you special from all the rest?

At Inherent Clothier, we inspire bold confidence through custom menswear, redressing body image issues with tailoring. We believe in the self-empowerment of dressing for life.