Who Was Steve McQueen? The Driver Collection by INHERENT

Steve McQueen. 
Actor, racing driver, motorcyclist, icon. 

All these qualities make Steve McQueen the perfect fit for the INHERENT brand and the creation of an official ‘DRIVER COLLECTION by INHERENT’. But there is another, personal side to the man that makes this collaboration more meaningful and relevant - McQueen’s attitude to life was fashioned through his life experiences. 


Before becoming a star of the silver screen in Hollywood, with classics including The Great Escape, Le Mans, The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt and The Magnificent Seven, as well as the legendary Bruce Brown film ‘On Any Sunday’ (which celebrates its 50th Anniversary of release in 2021), it wasn’t easy going for young McQueen. From a broken and abusive home, McQueen found himself heading in the wrong direction, but fate intervened and he steered for a safe harbor at Boys Republic in Chino, CA. This was a turning point for him, and he continued to support the organisation for the rest of his life. Now, INHERENT will also support the Boys Republic, as we believe every man on his journey to finding his authentic self needs to be equipped, enabled and empowered. 

‘The King of Cool’ achieved so much and entertained and inspired so many in his tragically short life. It is our privilege to bring you a capsule that we sincerely believe the one and only Mr. McQueen would have approved of and had as part of his wardrobe. 


Steve McQueen really needs no further introduction, save to say he was (still is) a style icon. Always well dressed, he exuded a care-free attitude whether at home, on-set or at the racetrack. Chad McQueen said, “My dad always knew what to wear and how to wear it. His tastes were simple, to-the-point, and he always looked cool. His style has lasted the test of time.” Steve McQueen’s fashion sense has never been more relevant to men’s fashion as it is today, as it allows a man to be his authentic self while being ‘dressed for life’ - whatever life throws at you, you’re ready. At home or on the open road, this capsule is made for the man that maps his own route and knows where he’s headed. And, one of the best things about the McQueen INHERENT collaboration is that, if that man finds himself wandering, trying to find his way, then our Foundation can help point him in the right direction. 

The Driver Collection by INHERENT draws on the McQueen style reputation and his love of classic cars and motor racing. Racing Red accents throughout the leather goods in the collection exude a subtle yet recognizable nod toward the racing aspect of the McQueen legacy, while the classic, staple items like the top coat and roll neck knit make it easy to upgrade your wardrobe to match McQueen himself. The pieces in this capsule are exquisitely designed for function and style, and they are produced sustainably in the finest materials to honor McQueen’s legacy. This is the classic gentleman’s wardrobe capsule. Every piece is perfect for that Sunday morning drive or a road trip of a lifetime. 

From those of us at INHERENT who have put our heart and soul into designing a collection that is worthy of the man Steve McQueen was and the legacy he leaves behind, we sincerely hope you enjoy the collection and it brings you as much joy as it has brought us already.

The Driver Collection can now be found online and in our flagship store in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

If you wish to discuss becoming a stockist of The Driver Collection by INHERENT please contact us here

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