Since the very beginning of Inherent Clothier's conception, we wanted one thing to be rich, strong, prevalent in the very foundation of our brand.


Community. After all - Inherent Clothier is about helping you find a support system, building a wealth of confidence from both inside of yourself and out by helping surround our people by likeminded people. 

In the very beginning there were dreams of events, meet-ups, sit-downs where we could begin building our community. Open up conversations about mental health, wellness, self-confidence, roadblocks - everything. These visions were grand, and yet they felt so tangible. 

Then, well, 2020 happened. And I'm sure we don't need to tell you why that threw a wrench in our visions of a room bubbling to the brim with energy, cigar smoke, and your choice of whiskey. 

But then something wonderful happened. 

Community happened. 

We spent all of the madness that was 2020 building our vision, building our amazing team, putting together all of these beautiful ideas that we had about who we wanted to be, and we came into 2021 ready to make them happen. 

And community happened right along with us. 

Inherent Clothier opened our flagship store in Downtown Colorado Springs, to a small, triumphant, community-filled fanfare. Our close friends, excited shoppers, and those of us who have supported us from the very beginning came out to come together, and we got our first taste of what might be the return of normalcy - which is also thanks to our community coming together to get through this time. 

All of this is to say, Inherent Clothier has a place to call home. We have a place to host, and build, our community. We have a place that people can come to when they need a new pair of shoes and somebody to listen. A safe place in this mad world where you don't have to pretend to be anything other than yourself. 

So come on down. Check out our racks or just say hi - no matter what you need, you have a place. 

Inherent Clothier. Now open at 123 N. Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903. 

We'll see you there. 

March 20, 2021 — Inherent Clothier