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On March 19th, 2021, Colorado Springs will see Inherent Clothier's flagship store opening on 123 N Tejon Street. The modern gentlemen of Colorado can now experience the inherent style and confidence of customized dressing.

Founded by Taylor Draper, Inherent Clothier equips, enables and empowers men through custom menswear and accessories with the purpose of raising awareness of men’s mental wellbeing.

Colorado Springs, CO: Three years ago, Inherent Clothier Founder Taylor Draper hit rock bottom… and discovered the power of dressing well to uplift, motivate, and rebuild self-confidence. Inherent Clothier tailors modern-day gentlemen’s attire created to inspire authentic self-expression and empower men to speak openly about mental wellness. Inspired by Draper’s own courageous struggle to overcome and de-stigmatize depression, the company is both a couturier and a “catalyst for change,” helping every man build a fully functional, versatile wardrobe with empowerment and confidence stitched into every seam. At the new store you can discover the latest Bryant Draper Collection, co-designed by Emmy award winning Janie Bryant who gave John Hamm's ‘Mad Men’ style, for the modern gentleman seeking to be suited while supporting a brand with a vision and mission that goes beyond transactional profit. 

“Inherent Clothier is distinctive from other fashion labels,” explains Draper. “Our custom designs are fueled by a deeper purpose: to support and sustain men’s mental wellbeing. We’re working to restore the heart and mind of the modern gentleman through the confidence imparted by impeccable craftsmanship and through ongoing financial support of men’s wellness initiatives.”

Established online early 2020 the Inherent Clothier is proudly opening their first flagship store at 123 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs on March 19th 2021. Fellow Coloradans can now receive, COVID restrictions allowing, a personal bespoke service to get fitted for that custom suit you’ve always promised yourself. Noah Bartron, the Inherent Clothier Store Director will be providing custom tailoring and custom styling appointments. 


Drawing inspiration from Savile Row and American traditional tailoring design influences and manufacturing techniques of the 1930s thru ‘60s, every customizable ensemble is designed to enhance confidence and boost self-esteem. With each purchase, the wearer plays a vital role in supporting men’s mental health progress, with 10% of all profits going to Draper’s own Inherent.Foundation working to actively “break the stigma surrounding men’s mental wellbeing and encourage men to talk about it.”


Explore the complete Inherent Clothier line offering a distinctly personalized fit for the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Find brand updates and shop the latest looks from among four unique Inherent Clothier collections featuring more than 160 customizable options exclusively at InherentClother.com where you can also book your private fitting appointment and find store opening times. Get a first look at upcoming events, inherent lifestyle, collaborations, and new collections on Instagram @InherentClothier. Custom gentlemanly attire to equip, enable and empower the discerning modern man. 



About Inherent Clothier: Inherent Clothier inspires confidence through custom menswear, providing modern-day attire while encouraging  communities to speak openly about mental health. Designed to redress the all-too-common “walk it off” and “man up” approaches to mental health struggles, Inherent Clothier enables  men to curate a fully functional, versatile wardrobe that awakens inherent inner confidence, self-esteem and authentic self-expression. Pairing the luxury of a personal tailor with impeccable service and the convenience of a digital concierge, the company offers online appointment bookings, as well as home, office, or web-based custom fittings. Both a couturier and a “catalyst for change,” Inherent Clothier proudly partners with local and national organizations helping to build awareness around men’s mental health and wellbeing issues including body-image, self-worth, anxiety, depression, and self-doubt. Proving that, together, “We are strong. We are courageous. We will overcome.” Learn more at InherentClothier.com. Get a first look at upcoming events, collaborations, and new collections on Instagram @InherentClothier. Custom gentlemanly attire to equip, enable and empower the discerning modern man. 
About Noah Bartron: Noah Bartron is the new Store Director for Inherent Clother's storefront. His seven years of experience in the luxury clothing industry has given him a passion to make other's lives more diverse and exciting through sharing his love of custom clothing and his insight in mens custom wardrobes. A strength of his is providing others with encouragement and assistance through teaching and sharing in his love for custom menswear. Providing custom concierge services, custom tailoring, and styling mens wardrobes, Noah Bartron is an incredible contribution to the Inherent Clothier Team. He services clients both inside of the Inherent Clothier store front (downtown Tejon street, in Colorado Springs), as well as provides a concierge service in clients homes or places of work. He loves to "learn about the lifestyle and desire of my customers and guide them towards products that will assist towards their goals..."

March 16, 2021 — Mary Andrews