In this episode of Dressing for Wellness, Taylor (Inherent Clothier CEO) and Steven (Art Director) discuss Steven’s experience with an Inherent custom suit. Steven talks about what he used to think of suits, how his appearance has affected the way others react to him, and more.

They also discuss the important impact that a custom suit can have on your confidence, and in turn, your mental health.

Episode Highlights:

  • Steven just wore his first custom Inherent suit out in the world.
  • He texted Taylor that he felt like a golden god in the suit, and he can’t remember ever feeling so confident and self-assured.
  • Steven immediately noticed he was treated differently, in a good way; as someone with a lot of tattoos and what might be considered an intimidating appearance by some, he appreciated the shift in how he was approached.
  • Steven’s photography is used as a custom lining in his suit, and that was a detail Taylor surprised him with. Originally, Steven had chosen a purple polka dot pattern.
  • Growing up, Steven’s dad put on a suit every day and went to his office job, so Steven never viewed suits as a form of self-expression.
  • People perceive suits as uncomfortable, but custom suits are not because they’re made for your body.
  • Steven feels like he has the confidence to know that he can look good in anything, but the custom suit brings it to another level.
  • Inherent has been able to scientifically link the confidence from a custom suit to overcoming mental health struggles.
  • Clothing can’t take away how you feel or cure mental health struggles, but it can affect how you see things and respond to things.

Notable quotes:

  • “There is something different about a suit, not just off the rack but something that’s for you, that’s made for you and your body, that it’s a complete shift in what’s possible in how you feel when you’re getting dressed.” –Steven
  • “It is incredibly comfortable and I don’t feel constricted, I don’t feel hindered. Nothing pulls or snags. It’s like the power of the custom suit is ultimate comfort and ultimate badassery.” –Steven

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August 06, 2020 — Inherent Clothier