“Making the effort to dress up feels good. When you take your wardrobe to a higher level, upgrading your normal style, it creates a confidence.”  -Conor Daly 


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - Inherent Clothier is pleased to welcome NTT INDYCAR Series driver, Conor Daly as it’s first Sports Ambassador.

As a professional athlete, mental focus and attention to details are top priorities for Daly. This attention to detail has threaded itself into the ambassadorship for Inherent Clothier. Daly understands that being Dressed for Life means being able to look good off the racetrack and feeling confident can translate to being his best on the racetrack. 

Inherent Clothier, founded by Taylor Draper, is a high end custom clothing brand with a purpose: Inherent is on a mission to inspire men to be their authentic self by being Dressed for Life in clothing custom for them, as well as providing a safe environment for men to feel confident to speak openly about their feelings. Their foundation, Inherent Foundation, is creating a community that takes away the stigma of men talking about their mental wellness. Support the mission, every custom suit purchased gives back to men in the local community looking for support with their journey of mental health. 

After Draper met with Daly for his custom fitting he commented that, “Conor is a very kind person with a deep caring for men’s mental wellness. He is real and honest about his experiences and opinions.”  Speaking highly of Daly, he went on to say, “Conor isn’t afraid to talk about his feelings and is a living role model for what we’re trying to achieve here.” 

Inherent Clothier creates their clothing around their customers. The company learns how the client views themselves, what is important to them and the type of person they desire to become. This relational exchange through custom clothing creates a foundation of confidence for their clientele. As an ambassador for Inherent Clothier, Daly will look good off the racetrack and feel confident to be his best on the racetrack. 

After his first fitting, Daly said, “This is not my normal style. This is all new for me, but making the effort to dress up feels good.”  He continued, “When you decide to take your wardrobe to a higher level, upgrading your normal style, it creates confidence. I like it. Having someone like Taylor (Draper) measure you correctly is special. Someone with an attention to detail matters. If you’re going to take the time to dress, then having clothes that match your body correctly, match the way you like to look with a dedication to detail, well it’s worth it…” 

The goal is to be the best version of yourself; whether it be your profession, your mental health, or your confidence inspiring appearance. Inherent Clothier has the mandate to dress men for life, and all we can say is Conor Daly looks pretty damn good! 


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Learn more at InherentClothier.com. Get a first look at upcoming events, collaborations, and new collections on Instagram @InherentClothier. Find out more information on how they are changing the story of men’s mental wellness at Inherent.Foundation and on instagram @inherent.foundation.

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For more information contact:  Mary Andrews, COO, mary@inherentclothier.com