Here at Inherent Clothier, we are beyond excited to be growing ever closer to the launch of our collection with Emmy award winning costume designer Janie Bryant. Not only are we perfectly aligned with Janie’s creative vision, we are equally passionate about the movement that inspired Inherent Clothier. With the collection arriving soon, let’s look into some of what makes Janie’s vision so astounding, as well as the mission behind this collaboration.

janie bryant

As you can hear for yourself in the podcast we recorded with her, Janie has had an amazing career, helping create and tell stories with her own vision. Clothing and costumes are crucial to making any story feel authentic. One example of her work is It (2017), full of costumes and design choices that allow the viewer to be immersed in the story. Read a bit more about some of her experience below:

    • As a costume designer on shows like Mad Men, Janie has seen firsthand how men realize the impact a well-fitted suit can have on their confidence.
    • You can take pride in your appearance no matter how much money you have.
    • You can turn a suit into a more casual, everyday look by wearing a t-shirt under the jacket or pairing a sport coat with jeans.
    • Janie got involved with Inherent Clothiers when her agent looked into the company and they discussed the possibility of collaborating.
    • Janie believes menswear badly needed an update in the way Inherent Clothier is making it modern.
    • To Janie, a modern interpretation of formalwear is the flexibility to wear a dinner jacket with jeans, and to otherwise mix and match.
    • Their upcoming collection has formalwear, shirts, all-season suits, and you are able to mix and match all the pieces.
    • Janie studied fashion design in college and moved to France when she graduated with the dream of becoming a famous fashion designer.
    • Once she moved to New York, she ended up in social circles with a lot of film people and learned about costume design.
    • Janie was working on a music video and the director told her to believe in her choices and to believe in herself; she hadn’t even realized she was doubting herself, but that advice has stuck with her.

  • With all that creativity under her belt, she’s been a phenomenal addition to the Inherent Clothier team. As mentioned above, it’s apparent through her work with Mad Men that the clothing really does make the man. The pieces help the actors truly transform into the character they’re playing, showing the transformative power of the outfits you choose to put together everyday.

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November 20, 2020 — Inherent Clothier